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Dear Customer,
We are pleased to share with you that WOLF Packaging Group has joined forces with FAWEMA and HDG to enlarge our unique group of packaging companies. A few weeks ago, the Wolf family signed an agreement with the owners of FAWEMA and HDG to combine the business operations of the three companies.
The business combination has led to a packaging group with over 400 employees, four production sites and over 80 Mio. € of revenue per annum.  With this increase in magnitude, we will be able to provide continuity and maintain reliability to all stakeholders for many years to come, as HDG has already proven over the last 35 years. With the addition of WOLF, the group has gained an expert in vertical form fill and seal packaging. For over 30 years WOLF has supplied single machines as well as turn-key projects coupled with technical flexibility and in close customer proximity. Worldwide over 4.000 installed machines speak for themselves, as well as for their sturdiness and continued innovation.
Moreover, due to WOLF’s global sales and service network in countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, China, UK, Russia und Dubai, HDG will immediately improve its availability and service proximity for its international clients.
This new combination of businesses gives HDG a proven and broad product portfolio for the future. We would like to assure you that now, and in the future, HDG will continue to provide and support reliable and innovative packaging solutions to all of our customers and partners.

Should you have any questions regarding our merger, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Your HDG Team

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