Horizontal Form Fill Seal Machines (FFS)


Output (PPM): 280 pouches max.
Horizontal Form-, Fill,- Seal Machine with Rotary Table System for Sealed Pouches

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HDG RB-600

The HDG RB-600 is a compact, horizontal forming, filling and sealing machine with a rotary table system for side sealed pouches.
This machine model is ideal for filling all HDG pouches types with the most varied of products and is available in five different capacity levels, including in stainless steel. This means that up to 280 pouches per minute and a format range of 80 x 100 mm to 600 x 400 mm can be realised, depending on the model selected.

The HDG RB-600 is part of the HDG Premium line which is distinguished by both a high capacity and maximum flexibility with regard to different formats, pouch shapes and products.

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Our product range comprises machines and lines for ­­filling and packaging dry products for almost all areas of application. HDG brings you the entire know how of packaging technology. We create your packaging concept. Moreover, HDG are always open to new developments – new applications, new industries, new packaging technologies.

RBL-600-2 Duplex Large

(2 pouches per cycle)
Output: up to 140 pouches/minute
Pouch Sizes: 120 x 100 mm min., 300 x 400 mm max.

RBL-600-3 Triplex Large

(3 pouches per cycle)
Output: up to 210 pouches/minute
Pouch Sizes: 80 x 100 mm min., 180 x 400 mm max.

RB-600-4 Quadruplex

(4 pouches per cycle)
Output: up to 280 pouches/minute
Pouch Sizes: 90 x 100 mm min., 150 x 250 mm max.

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