Horizontal Form Fill Seal Machines (FFS)
Output (PPM): 120 pouches max.
Horizontal Form-, Fill,- Seal Machine with Rotary Table System for Sealed Pouches

Machinetype HDG-RB-200

The HDG RB-200 is a compact, horizontal forming, filling and sealing machine with a rotary table system for side sealed pouches. 
This machine model is ideal for filling all HDG pouches types with the most varied of products and is available in five different capacity levels, including in stainless steel. This means that up to 240 pouches per minute and a format range of 40 x 40 mm to 200 x 400 mm can be realised, depending on the model selected.
The HDG RB-200 is part of the HDG Premium line which is distinguished by both a high capacity and maximum flexibility with regard to different formats, pouch shapes and products.
pouch opening
pouch filling
pneumatical reelshaft
Universal application options
  • Different pouch formats and capacities, depending on the design
  • Production and filling of pouches with up to 2 lines for a pouch format up to 200 mm width. Also available in 'L-version' = Long-Version for a pouch length up to 400 mm (in simplex mode only)
  • Production of 3 and 4 side sealed pouches, stand-up pouches, bottom fold pouches and contour pouches, optionally with reclosing systems
  • Ideally suitable for a broad range of products, including powder, granulate, chunky products, liquids, creams or tissues 
Quality and technology
  • Maximum pouch quality and a high capacity in the most confined space through use of the HDG rotary table system
  • Maximum pouch reliability and quality, thanks to temperature and ultrasonic sealing and electronic monitoring of sealing pressure
  • Fully automatic film roll changing during machine operation through use of roll splicers
  • Compact design 
  • Robust, high-quality design through standard use of solid screwed aluminium plates
  • Economical handling of packaging material, with a material saving of up to 10% when compared to linear machines
  • Simple and rapid HDG system conversion and expansion options, thanks to the modular design 
  • Rapid availability of spare parts (due to the identical basic design of many assemblies)
  • Round table with segmented design ensures simple and speedy product and format changes 

RB-200 Simplex
(1 pouch per cycle)


up to 120 pouches/minute
Pouch Sizes:
40 x 40 mm min.
200 x 250 mm max.

RB-200-2 Duplex
(2 pouches per cycle)

up to 240 pouches/minute
Pouch Sizes: 
40 x 40 mm min.
92 x 250 mm max.

RBL-200 Simplex Large
(1 pouch per cycle)

up to 90 pouches/minute
Pouch Sizes: 
40 x 40 mm min. 
200 x 400 mm max.