HDG History

The Success Story

HDG Verpackungsmaschinen GmbH was founded in 1984 by Hans Detlef Glindemann. Formerly located in Kürten near Cologne, the company purely focused at its inception on servicing and repair operations for packaging machines.
However, HDG service teams realised the first optimising of existing systems a few years after the enterprise was established, integrating assemblies produced by the company in these. HDG eventually took on responsibility for the production of all assemblies as of 1992 on the basis of the enormous success of these measures.
Continuous technical improvements and high quality standards led HDG to slowly develop from being a purely service company to become a provider of packaging systems. 1998 finally saw delivery of the first packaging system completely manufactured by HDG, with the concepts involved in this representing absolutely new innovations on the market for packaging systems.
A modern marketing and sales system was installed as of 2001 to meet the growing demand for HDG packaging systems. Moreover, the consistent further development of concepts such as the rotary table machine system saw the expansion of the HDG portfolio through the addition of further machine types. Higher capacities were achieved more rapidly and further pouch formats and shapes implemented as a result to meet a variety of customer requirements. 
As the positive order situation resulting from this soon led to a space problem at the business location, the company premises was expanded in 2009. The establishment of a showroom also enabled the presentation of machine functions and the problem-free testing of new formats, film qualities and products.
2011 saw the transfer of the company from the founder, Hans Detlef Glindemann, to Peter Steindl, proprietor of the FAWEMA GmbH packaging machine enterprise. Together with Mr Adrian Mitas, he is now active as a managing director at HDG.
Since 2014 HDG Verpackungsmaschinen GmbH is located in Lindlar with a new production site and offices.