What HDG Stands for

HDG - a reliable partner. HDG endeavours to identify the individual requirements of its customers and fulfills these in a non-compromising fashion. In addition to long-term and personal relationships, the company places enormous importance on cooperation with its customers in a spirit of partnership in this respect. Besides HDG employees at Lindlar production site the globally present service staff and agents are at all times your contact when it is to optimize production processes and create solutions for new demands.

HDG - a quality attribute. Packaging systems contribute decisively to the value added chain of the most diverse products. In order to ensure a flawless sequence in this process, HDG places enormous emphasis on non-compromising quality and reliability during the development and production of its packaging systems. These aspects are equally reflected in the pouches manufactured on HDG machines. HDG sets itself the highest of standards and produces packaging solutions which stand out from competitor products in terms of their quality and reliability.

HDG - a guarantee of flexibility. The packaging market is subject to continuous change, with new products, packaging sizes and demands regarding appearance. HDG therefore places utmost importance on flexibility prior to development of its machines. The modular design enables the realisation of rapid and flawless product and format changes from individual to multiple fillings and the creation of different pouch packaging variants for a variety of applications. Furthermore HDG machines can be expanded by new modules or converted for other or additional applications even after commissioning.